Game prep for the 14th of july,

Would there be demand for a gaming cafe/shop specialising in Pathfinder, Starfinder and D&D in Banbury, and which of the below are important factors for it to be popular?

First game with me as GM in a while

We have the first game planned for the 14th of july at 2pm, :), and i am making good progress in finalising our game, :), loads to do but a little more time to do it in.

character creation 1

Looks like all is go ahead for some character creation at 2pm on saturday the 9th, :)


We at TaylorWorld, play Pathfinder, and starfinder, GM Pathfinder and starfinder, hang out on osgrid and second life, and have fun doing it, :)
We will also be forming a gaming shop, that sells D&D, Pathfinder and startfinder products, as well as teaching about those games as well a a venue where people can play those games.

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