Pathfinder Playtest Release

The Pathfinder Playtest was released on thursday the second of august, there have been well reported delivery problems of the playtest materials as paizo choose amazon for the fulfillment, and i personally am still waiting for my printed core rulebook to arrive.


Playing Remotly

My lady friend Sam would like to play D&D and pathfinder with the group i have in banbury, over the internet with video and sound using something like messenger or skype remotely from where she lives to us in banbury. I think it a distinctly interesting idea, and would love to see how well it works, its a distinctly interesting idea.

Game prep for the 14th of july,

Would there be demand for a gaming cafe/shop specialising in Pathfinder, Starfinder and D&D in Banbury, and which of the below are important factors for it to be popular?

First game with me as GM in a while

We have the first game planned for the 14th of july at 2pm, :), and i am making good progress in finalising our game, :), loads to do but a little more time to do it in.

character creation 1

Looks like all is go ahead for some character creation at 2pm on saturday the 9th, :)


We at TaylorWorld, play Pathfinder, and starfinder, GM Pathfinder and starfinder, hang out on osgrid and second life, and have fun doing it, :)
We will also be forming a gaming shop, that sells D&D, Pathfinder and startfinder products, as well as teaching about those games as well a a venue where people can play those games.

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